J Bashford and Associates LLP

JBA has long been regarded as the ‘go to’ consultancy for any and every lift requirement.

A hands-on consulting service that encompasses everything from condition surveys to maintenance management, from procurement to strategic planning, JBA is there not as a middleman but as an effective client supporter, advisor and advocate.

We work in the best interests of our clients, not by being passive but by trusting to our independence, our integrity, our knowledge and our experience. Our decisions and actions are always defensible and are always geared to securing the optimum outcomes for our clients.

Performance, safety, best value, compliance, efficiency, reliability, these are all common pain points for those with lift responsibilities. For over two decades, we’ve been helping those in both the private and public sector address these issues pragmatically and purposefully. In old money, they’d call it ‘getting the job done’.

JBA has built an enviable track record across most sectors, with particular strengths in hotels and leisure, local authorities, housing associations, healthcare, transport and major construction companies.



Professionalism, accountability, responsiveness, and a striking ‘can do, will do’ attitude have kept JBA at the forefront of lift consulting over two decades. If you have a lift requirement, you are in the safest of safe hands.