Total Lift Solutions

Clients increasingly look to JBA to assume responsibility for all aspects of their lift portfolio and that’s why we have developed a true end-to-end range of services.

For most we are their single point of contact, proactively managing upwards and downwards, streamlining the supplier management process, and easing the burden of coordination, communication and control in an often challenging facilities environment. We have deliberately aligned our core services to the needs of our clients. 

Health and Safety

Nothing is more important than ensuring a) that a passenger transport system is safe to use and b) that those involved in the construction and maintenance of lifts work in a properly risk-managed environment.

From H&S audits to the management of insurance reporting to full risk assessments, JBA looks to protect users, workers and lift owners through a diligent, proactive approach to procedure, controls and inspection.

Facilities management

Lift estates are hugely demanding from a facilities perspective. Breakdowns, repairs, regulatory checks, inconvenienced passengers, contractors, rolling modernisations, an endless flow of specifications, tenders, purchase orders and invoices, it is a time-consuming, complex and sensitive operation that too often overwhelms the FM function.

JBA picks up all that burden and takes on the responsibility itself, overseeing maintenance performance, running projects and handling all administrative elements. Regular meetings, summary reports and in-depth analysis of lift performance/condition, ensure clients stay right on top of their lift portfolio with the minimum of effort.

Project management

Whether it’s new build or refurbishment, JBA can deliver a completely turnkey service ranging from initial surveys and specifications, through tender preparation and evaluation, to program oversight and final sign-off. What’s important here is not so much the driving forward of the process, it’s the expertise and experience we bring to the party. It means projects are kept on the rails, that costs are kept on track; it means that the client rather than the contractors is always in control; it means that jobs are always fully assessed in the round, avoiding unforeseen problems halfway through. Quality, value, design, materials, timeframe, impact, performance, efficiency, environment, users/residents, contractor credentials, JBA manages everything to deliver optimum outcomes for its clients.

Contractor management

Lift contractors are an ever-present within the FM landscape, working routinely on call outs and servicing, and tendering for both new build and modernisation/refurbishment projects. It’s activity that generates a lot of contact, a lot of paperwork and a lot of management information.

JBA’s role over the years has been to not only oversee day-to-day contractor operations as part of its portfolio/facilities management role, but to actively monitor and measure performance. We look at a range of metrics, from response times to on-site quality, to drive improved contractor delivery. We also manage contractor selection processes, and serve as liaison and troubleshooter between client and contractor, handling all operational, contractual and financial issues.


Whether it’s a massive new build or single lift refurbishment, the procurement challenges are the same: it’s about understanding the project in the round and then smoothly transitioning from specification through to tender through to contracts. The devil is always in the detail and that’s where JBA’s track record and decades of experience comes in: the detail doesn’t get away from us. Again, in most instances we are managing the entire process end-to-end, with our clients confident in our ability to secure the desired objectives of quality, safety and cost-efficiency.


It is easy to sit back and take a passive approach to lifts, ticking the monthly service boxes and reacting only when there is a problem. JBA has always been of the opposite view. As we are so hands-on, and make it our responsibility to be well-informed about our clients’ lift portfolios, our natural tendency has always been to focus on optimisation – how can we make this better? There is endless scope – reliability and traffic handling improvements, ride performance, energy efficiency, whole life costing, BREEAM compliance, pre-emptive maintenance, project cost benefit studies, materials/controls’ analysis, the list goes on. Optimisation is geared to delivering not what’s best per se but what’s best for the client, be that better value, faster, more reliable, longer lasting, less disruptive, more sustainable. We help identify the opportunity and then we help make it happen.

Strategic planning

For clients with extensive lift portfolios, strategic planning is a vital discipline if limited budgets are to deliver maximum value. JBA will sit down with clients usually on an annual basis with the latest survey and condition reports and breakdown/service data; these will be reviewed alongside other relevant operational information such as current and predicted passenger loads, increased capacity requirements, equality provisions to name but a few. The aim is to scope out an achievable, affordable plan for the year ahead, that will make the most out of the budget available whilst also respecting and accommodating other factors.


Full service portfolio
Condition surveys
Contract drafting
Contractor management
Contractor selection
Design and build
Facilities management
Feasibility studies
Heath and safety audits
Maintenance management
Portfolio analysis
Project management
Risk assessments
Tender evaluation
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